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From Jumping to Trail Riding – See Ireland the Old-Fashioned Way

The Irish culture is known for its love of horses that spans across the ages. When you visit Ireland, we provide you with the opportunity to see the land and experience the Irish culture in the old-fashioned way with one of its remarkable packages that include different types of horseback riding, varied locations scattered across the country and first-rate accommodations from castles to four star hotels.

How to Choose a Package That’s Right for You

Ireland Horseback Riding divides its packages by the type of terrain you will cross on horseback and the recommended riding level to comfortably take part in the excursions.

  • Novice: If you are a novice, it is suggested that you choose a package that takes riders over flat land while walking, trotting and cantering. These packages are no less extravagant than those set aside for intermediates and advanced riders. Novice riders can take part in the “Ride and Golf” package at the Mount Juliet Equestrian Resort or the Celtic Ring of Kerry Ride. Other breathtaking attractions for the novice rider include the Castle Leslie or a tour of the County Limerick.
  • Intermediate: For the intermediate rider, you can pick a package that features long trots and canters over both flat and hilly terrain. Some of the packages that are available to intermediate riders include: riding across 140 miles of ancient Celtic trails through mountain passes, famous ritual sites and holy wells; attending the Ballinasloe Horse Fair and visiting the ruins of Holy Island; and touring the 14th Century Parkes Castle with cantering on the Western shore.
  • Advanced: We offer packages to the advanced rider that allow galloping over hilly and mountainous terrain and riding on narrow paths, such as when journeying to the bogs, valleys and mountains of impressive Connemara or fox hunting in County Galway with options to take part in exhilarating cross country jumping.

Despite your riding level, these full-service locations offer the option to participate in professional riding instruction sessions inside arenas at the trip’s onset to brush up on your riding skills. When you visit Ireland via a Ireland Horseback Riding package, you can concentrate on creating memories during your trip instead of fussing with unsatisfactory arrangements and lodging. Call us today at 1-888-494-9636 to book your old-fashioned equestrian vacation to the Irish country.