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Connemara Backcountry Trip Itinerary

Day 1
Riders will arrive at Shannon Airport and travel to the Meyrick Hotel in Galway.

Day 2
After a hearty breakfast, you will trot to the remarkable Maam Cross, the location of the extraordinary October horse fair. Traveling up the mountain, riders will see the impressive Lough Corrib, the location of a historic farmstead which was abandoned long ago as a result of the famous famine during the 1840s. After picnicking in the country side, you will travel across one of the renowned Irish bogs, ending the day with an invigorating gallop on the age-old Galway-Clifden railroad.

Day 3
This day begins riding along the terrain of the Maam Cross bog along the Lough Sindle and through the remains of a abandoned lime kiln, masked in a wooded grove of hazel trees. Riders will enjoy lunch on a quaint village green and then continue through the hushed woodlands of the charming Inagh Valley. Weather permitting, the spectacular Connemara landscape of the Rosmac coast can be seen on a clear day. After briskly riding along the old Glaway Clifden railway, riders will arrive for an evening of fun in Ballynafad.

Day 4
Riders will climb a mountain trail with their horse and pass the ancient Ballinafad cemetery after wading through a wide and refreshing stream. A spirited trot through the woodlands brings you to the Ballinahinch Castle estate. After enjoying a mid-day meal, you will continue inland over the Roundstone Bog to a pasture along the Irish seaside filled with stunning and contrasting landscape. After more exploration, the trees and brush that earlier lined the mountainside are now replaced by moss-covered rocks sprinkled across the leveling land. Not not will riders enjoy the natural country, but wandering sheep can be spotted along the way!

Day 5
This day will be filled enjoying everything Mannin Beach has to offer. Galloping along the stretching coastline, jumping over small stone walls (optional), and a brisk dip in the seaside with your horse will make the Connemara Backcountry ride an unforgettable memory.

Day 6
After enjoying the coastline, you will ride to an inland over the mountain known as Toombeola. Passing quaint, historic farmsteads, your horse will climb the trail to Errisbeg Mountain located high above the seaside village of Roundstone. Roundstone is known for its brilliant view of Dogs Bay, slowing curving its way into the vast Atlantic Ocean.

Day 7
Your riding adventure will end bring your back to the famous limestone mountains with their breathtaking view of the oceanside. Riders will eat lunch in the village of Cashel and after, riders will continue to canter along the coast to Willie’s Mountain, Shanndonnel. In the evening, riders will settle in Loughrea for the night.

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