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See Ireland from the Saddle

Ireland offers its visitors a glorious countryside dotted with castles and awe-inspiring sights with historical significance. However, why would you want to take the same tour as everyone else when you can see Ireland from a saddle? Horseback riding is a unique and exciting way to experience all that Ireland has to offer and High Pointe Tours is the source to make it happen with their superior accommodations and wide array of packages featuring a robust horse stock at each location from which to choose.

Why Choose Ireland Horseback Riding for Your Trip

When you select us to plan your trip to Ireland, you will be able to customize your visit with the assistance of highly qualified travel consultants. Here are the options that will determine the tour that will be perfect for you:

  • Skill Level: Whether you are a novice, intermediate or an advanced rider, we offer packages that will suit your riding ability in a variety of settings. Novice riders are guided in walking, trotting and cantering on flat terrain. Intermediate riders can take part in longer trots and canters over flat and hilly terrain. Advanced riders will be able to gallop across hilly and mountainous terrain along narrow paths and possibly engage the horse in jumping flat.
  • Places to Stay: Perhaps, you’ve dreamed of resting your head in an Irish castle or traveling from one inn to the next allowing you to take in the charm of the land and culture. Whatever your dream, we can make it a reality with their extraordinary accommodations that please even the most discerning guest.
  • Things to Do: With Ireland Horseback Riding, each package offers something different to do. You can choose to take part in daily fox hunting and visit Bunratty castle or trot across the countryside admiring the lakes and woodlands around Castle Leslie or horseback through the village of Glenbeigh and gallop across Rossbeigh Beach.

We will book a trip for you that cannot be matched. Other companies offer tours of Ireland in a small handful of locations, while we allow you the option to choose from over 20 packages that will exceed your expectations for a trip you’ll never forget. Call us today at 1-888-494-9636, so you can see Ireland from a saddle with the exceptional service.